lyndale environment committee description stating "we support environmental sustainability in our community with education, activities and projects related to green spaces, pollinators and community gardens, litter cleanups, recycling & composting, renewable energy and environmental equity."

Environment Committee Meeting

LNA’s environment committee typically meets the first Thursday of the month from 6:30-7:30pm. Contact for meeting location or to be included in future meeting notices.

  • Update/Planning Pollinator Grant activities – Lisa, Shannon, Holly will be attending the meeting Tuesday with Kingfield/Tangletown team members so we’ll have updates to present.  We’ll need to discuss/plan next steps – workshops, planting plans, etc.
  • Communications/Recruitment plans – Make our final decision on our ‘business card’ (options attached).  Christine McHenry designed a nice  option.  After our decision I’ll get some printed via something like Vistaprint and distribute at our next meeting that we can use for recruitment, info sharing at events etc.
    • Follow-up on establishing an Environment Committee address for card.
    • Do we have an environment email list-serve (ask Bryce?)  or  can we accomplish similar communication via updates on website ?
  • Plan future events – Litter-Outta Lyndale Spring Cleanup (perhaps coordinate with Kingfield/Tangletown, Lyndale School?) 
  • Work Plan for Lyndale (SNAC) Building Garden rehab/maintenance – need weeding, new planting,  address rain barrels, watering etc.
  • Partnering with organizers/representatives from all of Lyndale’s community gardens.  We need to work on getting these properties more sustainable.
  • Investigate opportunities for Solar Power in homes/businesses in Lyndale.
  • Fundraising ideas?