Board Member Highlight: Stephen McHenry

Stephen McHenry has served on the Lyndale Neighborhood Association’s board since 2023 and he serves on the Housing committee. Stephen is a homeowner in the Lyndale neighborhood. 

Here’s what Stephen had to say about his experience on the board:

Question: What unique skills or experiences do you bring to the board? 

Answer: My active involvement in the local school community, including volunteering and supporting educational programs, demonstrates my commitment to the well-being and success of our neighborhood’s youth. This firsthand experience provides valuable insights into the challenges and opportunities facing families in Lyndale, allowing me to advocate effectively for initiatives that enhance the quality of life for all residents.

Furthermore, my passion for hosting community events, such as concerts, showcases my ability to cultivate connections and foster a sense of belonging within our neighborhood. These experiences have honed my skills in organizing and facilitating community engagement activities.

Question: What advice would you give to someone considering joining a nonprofit board of directors?

Answer: Take your personal interests and find a committee at LNA that interests you. This is a diverse community and we have so many opportunities to make a difference.

Make a difference in the community where you live or own a business by applying to LNA’s Board of Directors. Elections occur July 22, 2024.

LNA specifically seeks to foster the leadership and participation of people in whom neighborhood organizations have historically underinvested — people who rent, and people who identify as BIPOC (Black, indigenous, people of color), LGBTQ+, and seniors.