Mission & Values

Our Mission

The mission of the Lyndale Neighborhood Association is to be the vehicle for our community members to shape their neighborhood.

Our Vision

Our vision is to engage our diverse community members to build a safe, vibrant, and sustainable neighborhood.

Our Values

LNA’s values represent the approach we bring to our work and are an important statement about how important community members are as people and a recognition of what they bring to the table.

Building a Working Multi-Cultural Community  

LNA believes the neighborhood’s diverse population and diverse housing stock is an asset to the  community that is best utilized when people understand each other and when connections are made  across the neighborhood’s diverse communities. LNA further believes that building strong bonding and  bridging relationships between community members makes the neighborhood healthier by providing  people with the connections they need in order to pool their resources to take advantage of  opportunities to improve their quality of life and to address issues in the community.

Asset Based Organizing

LNA believes the most effective way to improve the neighborhood is to start with the assets that already  exist in the community. LNA further believes that community members, through their ideas, time, and  energy, are the neighborhood’s most important asset. We reject traditional client service models that  demean people in need because we believe all community members are important and bring skills and  abilities to the table.

Civic Engagement

LNA believes all community members have the right and responsibility to be involved in determining the  neighborhood’s direction. LNA further believes that neighborhood organizations play a vital role in  Minneapolis’ civic ecosystem by providing a positive vehicle for people to channel their energy and ideas and that LNA has an important role to play in shaping Minneapolis’ future.


LNA believes the organization has an important role in helping to create a more sustainable community  where there is a balance between the resources we use and the resources we create. LNA further  believes that a truly sustainable community works towards achieving the sustainability of all of its  resources, including: human, environmental, housing, transportation, economic, and recreational.


LNA believes it is important to be an organization that is open to different approaches and that we  should be willing to try new things with thought and intention.