Welcoming Simpson to Lyndale and Thanking Zion!

Simpson Housing Services closed the doors on their Whittier location and moved into the former Zion Church building yesterday, Tuesday January 10. We are eager to learn more about the work they do to provide many of our homeless neighbors with a safe bed and warm food, and to join them in this effort. 

Simpson expects to house neighbors in this extended stay shelter for approximately three years, while their current location is demolished and rebuilt. We will have more information soon on how you can become more engaged in the work that Simpson does, both in our city and also on a state-wide advocacy level.

While we are excited for Simpson to join Lyndale, we regret the loss of longtime leadership and engagement that have been the hallmarks of  Zion Church. Zion was a pillar of community building and the hub of neighborhood service. Their leadership enlivened and engaged the whole area and their unwavering dedication to their building and the neighborhood will be missed. Many of the Zion members have been in the community for decades (or longer!) and though the church has closed, those folks remain our friends and neighbors. 

As Zion arranged the dispersal of their assets they generously chose to pay tribute to many of their neighborhood partners. We are delighted to share that LNA received a substantial donation from the congregation. The LNA Board of Directors extends its deep gratitude for this generous gift. We will make judicious use of the funds to support the community, to help cover costs incurred this past year, and this will also allow us to make plans for some much needed building renovations. Moreover, in the spirit of Zion’s legacy we plan to continue to support community engagement activities in the years to come.

Thank you for everything you have done, Zion, and for sticking with Lyndale for the past 100 plus years!

Douglas Herkenhoff, LNA President 
James Carlisle, LNA Treasurer